Viber 5.1 x64 download free

Viber 5.1 x64 download free

Viber 5.1

Viber 5.1

Windows 10 version of the popular app Viber messaging allows you to exchange instant messages, make calls, send and share pictures cute stickers for your contacts. So you can have both onyour phone and computer at home.

Chatat communicate calls at home and on the road

The first thing you need to know when you download Viber for Windows 10 is that it musthave you install on your Android, iPhone, Windows Phone BlackBerryatau. During registration, you budetezaproponovanoenter your phone number, you ngcode to activate the program in Windows 10.

At that time, imports of Viber Viber contacts list and put it in the application. This way you will be able tosee all of your friends who use Viber and able tostart communication with them.

ViberforWindows, 10allows can communicate and make voice calls (not adavideo) to your contacts and assend cute stickers and emoticons with ostanniyversiyi phones.

Text chat, chat Viber lets you createa group of up to 40 contact.Sa Unfortunately, this version of Viber doesn’tsupport group calls, so you need to create one by one.

Viber know how to take advantage of features in Windows level 10 ofnotifications dynamic function and the Dock icon.

pemberitahuanbaik job passable and displayed on the device’s lock screen. dynamic icons showing the details of last call and call, and if you want, you can attach a contact every house has a more direct access. And the best part:Dockfeature Viber allows you to leave anglescreen conversationin while using other apps. Nice.

Clean and intuitive interface, this version is very Viber “Windows 10 style” very modern. It has a very clean interface on a white background with purple details. Keys and designed and used elementyvelykyypara on touch devices. The only thing we would say that the interface is so clean that gives the impression of some Souless, almost empty.

Qualityimpressive connections: in our tests was excellent clarity.

But, without a doubt, the best Viber with pus from perspektifpengguna have the ability to have them both phone and PC. It is very convenient, because it means that you can chat with each other while walkinghome you, then prodovzhytyrozmova in front of a laptop or desktop computer.

napakawell, yes, but like everyone else

Viber for Windows, 10is a comprehensive messaging applications, no doubtagain. It’s easy, pleasant to the eye and works perfectly on all calls. he melakukanhal the same as all it really means is generated increases as all of its competitors.

Doesn’tdo any Viber Skype line or not. In fact, seeing as it was not sharevideos faylyi or you can not make a video call, it actually produces less than its competitors. So if you useViber regularlyon your phone, the app really aren’tmanydahilan to alter exchangemessage.

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