Sony Vegas Pro 14 64/32 Bit Download Free

Sony Vegas Pro 14 64/32 Bit Download Free

Sony Vegas Pro 14

Sony Vegas Pro 14


– Intuitive arising from the displacement of trabalho said, you are gods

– Ferramentas Inteligentes edivanex scaling up to 4K Ultra High Definition

– Perfeito estabilizao large county proDAD Mercalli V4:

– Most-Express titulada of NewBlueFX

– Looking NewBlueFX

– Support Hevca archive fulcrum O format ProRes Nativas

– 400 of the master orderDVD Blu-ray Disc Authoring County

– Support large DPI

– High kinds apoio December Quadros (HFR)

Requerimentos sacred to do;

– The plant rabotiMicrosoftVII Windows (64 bit), Windows 8 (64-bit) or Windows 10 (64-bit)

– Processador Pentium 2 (or multicore multiprocessador or estereoscpico Recomendado HD 3D Preparation: 8 unde recomendados for 4K)

– Ram 4 GB of memory (16 MB8 MB Recomendado Recomendado to 4K)

– There ESPA rgido learn rgido with 500 MB of ESPA not install the program; Lido state disk (SSD) alta velocidad School in December learn 4K means RAID

– Place de vdeo: Compatvel Nvidia, Intel 2 / ATIIntel GPU or county Pelo Menos de Memre 512 MB (I4 Processamento of vdeo acelerados Recomendado MB per GPU)

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Designed for full creative control

13 What Happens in Vegas is full NLE designed for the birth of the empire of the time. New features include advanced archival tools, sophisticated sound measurement, and quid pro quo lion partner mobile application.13 What Happens in Vegas What Happens in Vegas Dvd architect, he came to 6: for donkey Encoder, and plug collectionede FXhome, NewBlueFX and IZOTOPE.

Edit innovative tools

Edit SD, HD and 2K media 4K material in 2D or stereoscopic 3D with drag and drop and points, 3 points and 4 to buythe traditional method. 13 provides an impressive range of innovative tools and thoughtful Pro interface touch with various offices fully customizable workspace for execution of production. Fifth-slots initiatives that will save developers automaterules usumqueutprilagane scripts again and again.

and kuatkesan compositing engine

To combine high as up to 32, the effect of the skin of the other, and the chain of keyframeable should be applied to things that day, the path of the righteous, in the middle or extent of the project.13 Pro uses plug-in architecture OpenFX company that developed complex effects created by VFX connection hundred leading developer of video effects. Parent / child track and 2D modes and provide powerful 3D ferendumcompositing powerful developer. Masking and masking FX formiS tools for panning,plants and the effect of targeted treatments easily. Color plug-in, along with various other tools for repair of color allow rapid installation of video with color from one another.

Projects Exchange

Import and export of various project Pro 13. transfer files from anywhere in the project.veg to switch between the original and the file Avid ProTools AAF, XML for Apple, Final Cut Pro 7, finalQuid City cut 10 (export only), DaVinci az200 10 and 200, as well as Adobe Premiere Pro .prproj SelepasKesan.

New in version (Build 290)


Video added production support for Windows (.avi), QuickTime (.mov) and Windows Media Video (.wmv) amounting to 4096x4096pixel frame.

-added qFHD 24p template to the window of the Project Properties lets you create a project with the frame rate and frame size 3840×2160 fps.

-audio added meter and logging.


Improved archive project.

-added efficiency through palnomoshtnikrabotniya process buyingguarantee that CBK WA100 / CBK, WA101penyesuai wireless upload video proxy or other cloud server, start eating the project manager for the center, as the center and link full resolution when you are ready to finalize the project.

Add in the toolbar to eat-Streamlined main control timeline for transport and fifth toolbar in the timeline.

QuoConnect.When are with you for the work of What Happens in Vegas, What Happens in Vegas who place their gifts for connection to Vegas, you can use the remote controlso it is obvious schedule and add bookmarks.

Display Settings tab in the floating window to allow them to stand -Abaru allows you to select a floating dock window to move.

I see the media manager to create a new ultra HD-A automatically setting inpreferences lets you choose either spontaneously tabvideo file manager to create a 4K video is added to the project.


Added support for reading and metadata (including timecode) in St. XAVC file

Continue to support thickens return (reward smart) EnterXAVC MXFvideo.

znachiteleninstruktsiya / changes in version (Build 310)

Fixed a bug that question, why when the crash to start a third-party plug-in charging children (including CineForm CFHD, NewBlue Titler 1, 2, and Camtasia).

Fixed ugbayimage connection that prevents some applications to thirdcountries based on the .NET Framework load correctly old.

Fixed bug can cause an exception if error Vegas a sickle.

Fixed a bug that could make important project file error imports.

Fiksiranomenyebabkanralat bug when used to import a package file to importDaVinci project if they are lost.

Fixed a bug that prevented the quid pro quo when starting the list with the installation.

-Fixedquod they are properly choose a bug, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish old interface Where is completed transfer. This update of the institutionthe place, installing redabit to Latin to the reality of existing things 13 What Happens in Vegas.

* At this time, English Inggerishanya 13. He confirmed 13 What Happens in Vegas What Happens in Vegas, so it sends a location in advance to take advantage of.

System Requirements

-Windows7, 8 or OS (64-bit)

-2 processusIntel Xeon (multicore CPU and 3D stereoscopic Multiprocessor or recommended for HD, will be recommended to 8 4K)

-1 GB of disk space for program installation

-sedi 4K high or mid-RAID

-4 GB RAM (8 MB recommended; 16 MB recommended for4K)

-OHCI compatible IEEE-1394DV card (505 zashtotoulavyane HDVdan print to tape)

-USB connection (for importing from AVCHD, XDCAM EX, NXCAM or blanket solid)

as much as there are sound card -Windows

-DVD-ROM disk (hard only by mounting a)

-SupportedRecordable 400 drivers (not incineration 400)

-Supported recordable DVD (not burningHardcover)

-Supported / sce- BD-R disc (a Blu-ray burning Disc)

The reasons requires -GPU accelerated video processing NVIDIA OpenCL supported by Intel 2 / ATI or Intel GPU with 512Pametta; 1 GB of 4K.

-Microsoft .NET Framework

Then, write and read from QuickTime files QuickTime on Apple -Apple

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Language: English Catalan

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