Microsoft NET Framework 4 32/64 Bit Download Free

Microsoft NET Framework 4 32/64 Bit Download Free

Microsoft NET Framework 4

Microsoft NET Framework 4

Microsoft .NET is a special platform designed to help developers create new applications for Windows.

.NET Framework 4 has all the necessary components to develop and run .NET-based application on your system: libraries, routines, utilities and key elements of the other.

.NET Framework 4 is the latest version of the development platform and contains new funksiesnet as important as the way with HTML work optimized and CSS, support for severalSentuhanpengurusanWindows 7 and Surface SDK, improved debugging code and more.

With the Microsoft .NET Framework 4, you can develop the latest applications running on the .NET Framework platform.

NET Framework free from the world’s leading software developer Microsoft worldwide allows users to create on the web desktop and no errors mobile application is designed to work on mobile devices, PCs and Windows servers and is also included in the package Visual Studiocontain. Programed work dibangunkanrangka can reach a worldwide audience of nearly a quarter of a billion customers in a wide range of Windows devices such as desktop, mobile, surface hub, holo lens and Xbox.

Describe framework

Framework Only Microsoft’s comprehensive and coherent model of application development received online communication and the ability to create a variety of company-specific processes to imitate. It offers a great improvementDalamkeperluan as CLR (Common LanguageRuntime) and large (base class library) BCL, new memory mapped file and numeric types, a series of interesting innovations in the language Visual Basic and C # programming, and support for touch funksiesWindows, multi- Touch, ribbon controls, taskliste advanced features and surface SK. WFC Data Service is an essential part of the framework, which is the creation of representatives user state transfer (REST) ​​based servicesAnd programs menggunakanOpen DataProtocol (O-Data) aggregate and facilitate public online data.

Interface and user-friendly framework

OpDaar is currently a total of five repetitions of this framework, in particular the .NET Framework 4, .NET Framework, supported by SP1 (Service Pack 1), that the service pack that iteration is appropriate. This release is supported by the .NET Framework SP2 (Service Pack 2), followed by the .NET Framework, further supported by SP1, and .NETRangka workIs also supported by SP1. It is possible to install different versions of the .NET Framework on the same machine and simultaneously existing, without loss of functionality. In most cases, you can get the latest iteration with the framework for programs getting started with older versions of BASIC. The latest .NET Framework 4 does not automatically advance a previously installed, older applications. This application requires the .NET Framework that they pre-installed menyasarkanuntukIf the developer provides a file configuration the application of Job Framework version 4.

Finally, a growing number of programs use the framework and the feature Windows Update requires that users install the latest version, it is a must for developers and occasional users to make. Occasionally, the user may encounter problems with the installation, updates and installation of the program. Recovery tool for free download Microsoft PerluThe .NET framework optimized and fully capable of rediffing with the developers to compete and moving lives in the digital and online users of Windows.

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