How To Be A Latin Lover Online

How To Be A Latin Lover Online

Maximo is very good and very young have a dream to become rich, do not work in a day in his life. Forcing entice active older women rich, he married a rich woman more than twice his age. After 25 years, damaged and tired of waking up next to her at the momentwhile 80-year-old wife got the shock of his life when he finally pursued her car salesman scale. Forced out of the house and the coveted place to live, you must move the living sister, Sarah, and her nerdy but menggemaskananak Hugo in his small house. Want to go back in your lapluxury, with his nephew Maximo crush on a classmate to achieve its goal of a new bride, Celeste, widow of billionaires. If Maximo tried to revive his ability as a Latin lover, finds himself bonding with his nephew Hugo, he began to learn that the American partnermeans that love fedhais not as important as the love of his family.

Maximo (Eusebio Derbez) received the shock of zhytstsyaYago rich, when his wife of 80 years kesedihandia drive a small businessman. Forced out of the house, and now she has to move to the estranged sister Sara (Salma Hayek) and nerdy, but her favorite sonHugo (Rafael Alejandro). Want to go back in the lap of luxury, Maxima Hatch plan to seduce a millionaire widow (Rakel Uelch) and live life again.

kupataalikuwa allowed after 25 years of marriage, a man who worked for the older women to seduce the rich must move with the estranged brothers, wherehe began to learn the importance of family.

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