Comodo Dragon 43 Portable Download Free

Comodo Dragon 43 Portable Download Free

Comodo Dragon 43

Comodo Dragon 43

Comodo Dragon is a powerful browser based on Chromium, the source code of Google Chrome. It’s fast, dynamic and has many features safety while surfing online.

Priority: Security Online

Comodo Dragon is more than just “copy” easy for Chrome. It comes with several features that are very useful and many security options.During installation alsZum For example, the program gives the option of Comodo SecureDNS adding that selamatmelayari Web access doUeb pages, providing a high degree of risk.

TheWebInspector browsers, including online services, which confirm the safety of the site and Privdog, ads, cookies, sensors andthird-party widgets prevented.

In addition, Comodo Dragon is quick to share in your Facebook profile, Twitter and LinkedIn Downloader equipped with video media online for free downloads and web content features.

There are also some interestFeatures back online and sharing to find sadarzhanieto.MozheteTo select text and then drag it into the address bar run a search on Google, Google Images to run translator Google, YouTube or Wikipedia. You can also find a link teilenund content from Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus or LinkedIn, simply drag and drop them on the edge of the browser.

How Google Chrome,Comodo Dragon create a separate process for each tab opened, bookmark manager included and was a review of the most chestoposeti and also the opportunity to create rumahhalaman private browsing session. Comodo Dragon also supports extensions installed just like Chrome.

elegant design

In regard tousing this, Comodo Dragon not much different from Chrome. Simpleand elegant design with a predominance of dark tones. Instead, it seems more robust browser Google.

Tools menu on the left side (the right not you like in Chrome). In addition to the address bar you can Siefinden butonPrivdog,WebInspector, availability and Media Downloader.

How Chrome, but more

Slogan developer explains: And so far Comodo Dragon has fulfilled his promise “version that is more secure and faster than Chrome.”.

fast browser, but more importantly, he is very careful when it pre-installed on geht.Plugin securityprivacy and network very effective, and is especially useful ComodoSecureDNS objects at high risk of malware and other online threats for blocking.

brauzarComodo Dragon is ideal if you are more advanced for anything less when searching in Google Chrome terms of features. It is ideal for those whoThey want more security when surfing the Internet.

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