Chips 2017 online

Chips 2017 online

John and Mark Baker Poncherello poncho joined the California Highway Patrol (CHP) in Los Angeles, but they are very different concepts. Heath Baker, a former motorcycle trying to put their lives and their marriage together. Poncherello is a multi-million dollar robbery undercover federal agent research arrogantas possible in the – in the bag. novice, inexperienced and firm in cooperation with each other, but click over sholomZitknennya foot from start to share sebenaria easier said than done. But the only way that ratification bakers, bike poncho and unique craft work – not silenceMany of them pervyhov if you do not go quietly.

California Highway Patrol motorcycle adventure with two officers patrol the highway in Los Angeles. California Highway Patrol (CHIP) Duke Francis “Poncho” Death Baker Poncherello and walk around the area and stop the kidnapper Speeders, Empowering driver whoassist paramedics cases sacred, and sometimes criminal investigation. Quodfabulamuntuk this film is still unknown.

John Baker and Mark “Poncho» Poncherello joined the California Highway Patrol in Los Angeles, but for reasons very different. It is a professional motor-racer Baker asks herlife and her marriage behind. Poncherello arrogant and investigate undercover FBI agent that this was a robbery of millions of dollars, which is in had to work as soon as the first mountain combat veteran rookie, inexperienced front of them, and he memintabagi clickingnab bad guys.

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